Territorial numerical plan

This project is to provide the MRC des Sources territorial numerical plan as an additional tool in its development to determine how it might use digital tools to address the unique economic, social and cultural challenges, and that, in the context of sustainable development.

A territorial numerical plan that includes vision and the means that the region give itself to determine how digital tools - including the Internet - may help implement its territorial planning.

By launching such a process, the MRC des Sources ensures to stay proactive with the emergence of ICT in all sectors of society, a reality that is changing rapidly and that is both a challenge for the rural communities and a great opportunity.

Our community has everything needed to become an innovative example of the use of ICT in territorial development, provided that the operation was planned and that it nurtures a commitment from community stakeholders. By enabling a strategic and creative use of ICT, a TNP can:

  • provide an additional asset for economic diversification;
  • contribute to economic performance;
  • contribute to the efficiency and dynamism of organizations;
  • contribute to the socio-cultural dynamics;
  • contribute to the communication strategy of the MRC;
  • contribute to the attractiveness of families, professionals and businesses;
  • promote the retention of young people and newcomers;
  • stimulate citizen participation;
  • implement innovative governance practices;
  • encourage continuous learning and knowledge sharing;
  • increase the digital literacy of the population; and
  • develop leading practices in the use of ICT in rural.