Our achievements

Des Sources Region

Rich of its 200 years!

American colonists who settled in the region of Sources in the early 19th century, were joined by British, Scottish and Irish. Later, French settlers did the same, continuing the quest for space and good land. Traces of these newcomers are still visible today, among other things, we notice the architectural heritage characterized by numerous places of worship and modest houses built by settlers from New England.

Rich of its 200 years, the Des Sources region is full of stories that made it grow and expand beyond its borders. On many occasions, economic, social and demographic challenges have helped to demonstrate the ingenuity of its people. Thus, for individuals who have marked the history and with innovative projects, the Des Sources region has forged a strong identity.

We celebrate what makes us different, which is why we are inviting, people close to one-another and who prove that here anything is possible.