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Mack Sennett

Mack Sennett

(January 17, 1880 in Danville, Quebec – November 5, 1960 in Woodland Hills, CA)

, whose real name is Michael Sinnott, is an American filmmaker. He was one of the most important directors of the American silent film industry. During his lifetime, he was called “the king of comedy.” Born in Danville, Mack Sennett contributes through its history, to promoting the region up to California.

In 1912, he founded the Keystone Studio in Hollywood, which launched the careers of several legends of burlesque theater, such as Charlie Chaplin and Roscoe “Fatty” Arbuckle. (From Wikipedia). He produced more than 1,000 films.

The arrival of talking movies put an end to the career of the stars of the silent film industry. Sennett quite understand the problem and knew that with the talking nothing would be the same. He had to close his studio in 1932. Ruined in 1935, he left to join his family in Canada. He went back to California in 1939, and tried again in the film industry as co-producer of the Fox Company.

His life ended in Hollywood, in a hospice where he died at the age of 80 years, on November 5, 1960. Mack Sennett, King of Comedy and stars discoverer, is one of the great pioneers that has its place in the pantheon of the 7th Art.