Des Sources Region

Des Sources Region: Seven municipalities in the heart of Quebec

Located in Estrie region in the heart of Quebec, close to major centers and the United States, the Des Sources region consists of seven municipalities spreading over some 786 km2 and led by more than 15 000 residents. In addition, they form a region in which coexist urban and rural lifestyle, a job diversity and a full range of public services that provide a sense of well-being to its people.

Tightly Knit, the community gathers creative people, open to difference, welcoming and hard working. Here, proximity is not a concept of planning, it’s a lifestyle. Mutual assistance exists not only between citizens, it also defines the relationship between local companies.

With its breathtaking scenery and remarkable quality of life, we only have to look around us to face the facts: The Des Sources Region is the perfect place to live, work or stay.


Central municipality of Les Sources RCM, Asbestos shelters all the business and services of the territory, in as much as professional, medical or academic. With its mining origin, it has a significant industrial experience. Synergy inhabiting its industrial park reflects the mesh that has developed among businesses. Each of these aspects has helped make the town one of choice for growing a business and settle his family.

“For an entrepreneur, the quality of service often depends on the ability to respond quickly to customers’ needs. For this reason, we chose without hesitation the town of Asbestos. Unlike a major urban center where we would have been a project among others, we received a warm welcome and were quickly directed to stakeholders who have parts in our success.” Frédéric Tremblay, President, Groupe LTI inc.

Asbestos is the fourth most populous town in the Estrie region with its 7,100 citizens. This is an environment for a rich and diverse way of like. Close to open spaces, which allows small breakouts every day in hiking, cross-country skiing and snowshoeing trails, or at Club de Golf Royal Estrie, recognized as one of the finest golf course in the Eastern Townships. The resort area of Lake Trois-Lacs allows to end up on vacations … 5 minutes after work!



Set on the edge of the tourist regions of the Estrie Region and Victoriaville Area, Danville owes its growth to the arrival of the railway in the mid-19th century. Graced but beautiful Victorian homes as well as a square built in the American style, Danville is overflowing with heritage treasures that are proof of the American Empire Loyalists of New England passage in the territory. Birthplace of many prominent figures, including Mack Sennett, who was one of the most important directors of the American silent film industry, Daniel Johnson Sr., who was Premier of Quebec as well as the literary and dramatic author and artist Jovette Marchessault who lived in Danville and deceased on December 31, 2012. Danville’s rich heritage definitely makes it a major destination.

Recognized first Village-Relais in the province of Quebec, the Town of Danville offers everyone a rich architectural history. Cycling is honored by accessing the Route Verte of the province of Quebec and the services of our Regional County Municipality Tourism Office. Birdwatchers will be thrilled to discover over 250 species of birds in the landscaped browsing Burbank Pond trails. The art lovers can discover well-known artists during a visit to the art gallery of Symposium des Arts and many other galleries and artists workshops. Considering the 116 and 255 provincial highways crossing its territory and that highway 20 and 55 are nearby, Danville becomes a strategic location, suitable for business development.

Finally, there are many voluntary organizations in the territory such as Chambers of Commerce and Industry, Farming, Canadian Legion, Optimist, the Green Corridors, Youth House, St-Jean Baptiste Society, Danville Historical Society and the Daughters of Isabella, to name only these very active and dynamic organizations!

To visit Danville, is to adopt it and wanting to stay!


Ham-Sud is a charming municipality with tourism and, an agricultural and forestry vocation. It is located at the border of the Estrie region, in Les Sources RCM, and the Bois-Francs region.

In the early 19th century, the village was the administrative center of the region, formerly known as the county town of Wolfe County. Gosford Road, the main artery of the municipality, reports the story of the King’s Road linking Quebec to Boston. Note that the village retains some heritage buildings from this era.

Ham-Sud has landscapes that leave no one indifferent. A haven for nature lovers, The Mont-Ham, with its 713 meters, reveals a breathtaking view of the surroundings. The Lac à la Truite provides a perfect environment for fishing amateurs and a rustic site for camping. The surrounding area is a great place for hunting and perform outdoor activities.


A lifestyle!

Founded in 1878, St-Adrien is a charming picturesque village, nestled between Mont-Ham and Petit Mon-Ham. Saint-Adrien offers architecture of great interest with its presbytery, its church and its string of French-Canadian homes. Saint-Adrien is known for its very good quality of life due to the presence of local services such as school, grocery store, gas station, post office, etc., as well as a variety of activities on its territory. We find in Saint-Adrien friendly people, proud of their roots and their environment, both physical and social.

Traditional agricultural and forestry production alongside niche production, while a large number of artists and artisans have taken up residence. The cultural center, La Meunerie, offers an annual program dedicated to emerging music act.

A wide variety of lands are available for the construction of single-family homes, in the country or in the village. If you are looking for a haven of tranquility, charm, fresh air and vitality to see your children grow up into: St-Adrien is a lifestyle!


A learning, innovative and unified community

Saint-Camille is a vibrant municipality that draws on the ingenuity and solidarity of its residents for its growth and development. Whether you’re visiting for a few hours or to operate a sustainable business, this community offers a warm welcome.

Saint-Camille offers a remarkable living environment: several family day care services, a committed recreational committee, a well-stocked library, complete sports facilities, a unique cultural and artistic presence, and a dynamic primary school. The municipality is also one of the most beautiful village-fleuri of Quebec with its four finials.

Meeting place par excellence, the old general store, now the P’tit Bonheur de Saint-Camille, is recognized for its art gallery and intimate auditorium where professional artists perform. For over 25 years, the organization has played a central role in the coordination and development of the community. Young and old converge there to enjoy the famous pizza on Fridays and the community meals. This is how ideas circulate, projects germinate and a collective mind frame is weaved!

At the heart of the village, we notice several buildings dating from 1875; the grocery store with its veranda, the P’tit Bonheur, the church and the presbytery, which now houses a cooperative housing for seniors. The Saint-Antoine chapel completes this outstanding architectural aggregate. Built in 1899, pilgrims and classical music lovers have been gathering to enjoy a great summer program.

For its development, St-Camille relies on creative entrepreneurs, a dynamic young succession of farmers and the presence of many skilled professionals. Indeed, the proximity to the city of Sherbrooke, the arrival of high-speed internet and the development of an original property offering led to the establishment of many new families, significantly diversifying the village economy in the past few years.

Today, Saint-Camille relies on the presence of niche food productions, cultural workers and ICT, and superior business services sector which profit from this living environment and contribute to its growth. For any business or school project, the Corporation of socio-economic development of Saint-Camille is an excellent partner for these approach.

We join you to visit Saint-Camille, a learning, innovative and unified community. Welcome to our community!


Characterized by its hills, Saint-Georges-de-Windsor is worth the look. On the edge of Route 249, there is a unique lookout when stopping at the Halte des Horizons where a belvedere shaped like a cow stands. In the village, the rich architectural heritage of the church, built in 1870, is a religious symbol of exceptional value. The fame of the Saint-Georgeois is also explained by the quality of its cheese. Nothing beats family tasting “whey” or “petit lait” of the local cheese factory (Fromagerie Proulx), where hundreds of people meet and greet on week nights, but also on Saturday and Sunday afternoons.

Saint-Georges-de-Windsor is a thriving municipality, known for the dynamism and the warm hospitality of its people. Many community organizations and businesses brighten the community, all in a prosperous environment. The residential sector has recently experienced a remarkable increase with the construction of a dozen residences, an apartment building and a new 51 places childcare center. Meanwhile, Lake St-Georges offers a rustic area greatly appreciated by visitors.

All the life force of the community join hands to make the community a better place to live. The municipality has at heart the welfare of its people and strives to achieve anything that can increase their quality of life.

Saint-Georges-de-Windsor; a beautiful scenery, a rustic nature, a human environment and a moving-forward force.


Surrounded by a splendid mosaic of valleys nestled at the foot of the Appalachian Mountains, the town of Wotton offers exceptional areas and majestic panoramas.

With a population of 1,454 residents, it is a thriving agricultural municipality with approximately 20 farms, 19 community organizations, 54 businesses and shops, including an industrial park, an elementary school, an Early Childhood Center, a municipal park, a library and several recreational facilities such as swimming pool, tennis court, Multifunctional center, baseball field and pétanque games.

At Wotton, there is a great synergy between the people and organizations that drive the ambiance, making it more dynamic. Every effort is made to ensure that the needs of all are met, ranging from young to the young at heart. With its many founding families, Wotton has preserved over time its traditional family values.

First French village of the Estrie Region, the residents of Wotton are great hard working people and take it from their pioneers who forged the soul of rural Quebec as first landowners freed from lordships. The welcoming and friendly reputation of the Wottonnais is second to none. Each year, many visitors return to the municipality for its agri-tourism attractions and events. The Festival Country, the Festival des Traditions, the Miellerie Lambert and the farm and cheese factory La Maison Grise are just a few examples of visitor’s attraction which makes Wotton residents very proud.