The Economic Diversification fund

The Economic Diversification Fund

Quebec government created the economic diversification fund – MRC des Sources: A $50M budget.

Program objectives

The program’s primary goal is to contribute to the diversification of the Les Sources RCM economy. Specifically, the program will:

  • Contribute to the development of existing businesses;
  • Support the creation and startup of new business;
  • Encourage the development of new strategic projects for the region;
  • Promote the development of an entrepreneurial culture;
  • Stimulate job creation;
  • Make the Les Sources RCM offer competitive;
  • Create an environment conducive to economic diversification;
  • Develop new future-oriented industries.

Develop new future-oriented industries.

In collaboration with the community, the Ministère de l’Économie, de l’Innovation et des Exportations (MEIE) also established the Table de diversification de la MRC des Sources, responsible for implementing the Economic Diversification Strategy made public in the spring of 2013.

A four-direction vision is proposed to address key challenges of Les Sources RCM and articulates its economic diversification project:
  • Actively support the emergence, vitality, growth and expansion of local entrepreneurship, in line with the strategic priorities of the RCM.
  • Attract to the RCM sustainable business projects with a plus-value.
  • Improve economic strengths, business conditions and the entrepreneurial culture of the RCM.
  • Ensure the promotion and awareness of the region as well as its diversification plan.

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Obtain financial assistance

Three types of financial assistance are available with the Les Sources RCM Economic Diversification Fund:
  • Repayable contribution :
    • Loan with interest,
    • Interest-free loan,
    • Equity participation;
  • Loan guarantees up to a maximum of 70% on net loss;
  • Non-repayable contributions (grant).
The level of financial assistance will vary depending on the nature of the project. Contact us for more information


For more information about the Fund
Ministère de l’Économie, de l’Innovation et des Exportations
Direction régionale de l'Estrie
200 Belvedere Street North, Suite 4.05
Sherbrooke (Quebec) J1H 4A9
Toll free: 1 866 463-6642 eie-quebec

How to apply

For information or to carry out a structured process, please contact us.
At the Department: 1 866 463-6642 /
Locally : CLD or SADC Sources 819-879-6643

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